About me


I am PascalS and run this website …


I am living in Fussach (Vorarlberg, AT) on the beautiful Lake Constance.


My hobbies are the programming of software (PHP, MySQL, JS, VB, …), as well as SPS (FBD, KOP, SCL, Lua, Raspbian, Arduino, …) or the topic of electrics (Electrical engineering as well electronics), which I am also on this website. In my free time I also go cycling or wintering, I am also a hobby photographer, which is why I am also at various events.


I have completed two lessons with distinction:

2012 – 2016 as plant and operational technician

2016 – 2017 as an automation and process control technician


I am busy at Alpla, where I also completed my teachings. In my civilian service, I was working at the Vorarlberg regional warning center, which gave me a lot of practical experience in electrical engineering, as well as my knowledge in the field of wireless technology.