Weather station Lauterach

Weather station

The professional radio weather station HP1000 is used.
The weather station has a compact solar weather mast, which determines the following data:
Temperature and dew point,
Wind direction and wind speed,
Windchill and gusts,
Humidity and air pressure (abs. And rel.),
Brightness and UV measurement.

These data are stored every 16 sec. via Wlan from the weather station to the own weather data server sent, there you are captured by a script, further data, such as
Solar and moon phases,
Fog probability,
Min / Max values, etc.
calculated and passed on to the weather networks.
However, most of the weather networks only evaluate every 5-10 min. out.

To measure the ground temperature / humidity, a SHT10 (Soil) sensor is used which also stores the data every 16 sec. via an ESP8266 via Wlan to the own weather data server.

In addition (usually max. 24 hrs), the snow depth is measured manually and reported to the data server.



The private weather station “6923 Lauterach” has been in operation since July 2018.
The weather station of this weather station is PascalS.



6923 Lauterach
Vorarlberg / Austria



Width: 47.4599376 North
Length: 9.6578688 East
Height: 404 meters above sea level